Kevin Parker

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Name Kevin Richard Parker
Group Tame Impala Team : Tame Impala
Roles Guitarist, Singer
Country Australia AU icon
Birthday January 20, 1986

Kevin Richard Parker is an Australian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, musician, and record producer, best known for his musical project Tame Impala, for which he writes, performs, records, and produces the music.

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Rickenbacker 335 1967 Jetglo

Rickenbacker 335 1967 Jetglo

Kevin used a 1967 Rickenbacker 335 Jetglo as his main guitar after recording Innerspeaker. Originally purchased around 2009/2010 in Japan. He then after applied white graffer tape with the sea foam blue paint we see today.

At the event entitled "Glastonbury festival" which was held in 2011, Kevin used this guitar while performing.

We can see Kevin playing the Hagström Impala guitar very professionally

Radius 15“
Inlays Pearloid 6 mm Dot
Saddle width 43 mm
Switch Bass Cut Filter An/Aus
Mute switch An/Aus

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Drum Sets

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1966 Ludwig Blue Sparkle Super Classic

1966 Ludwig Blue Sparkle Super Classic

You can clearly see the blue drum in the lower left corner, the drum was used when recording Tame Impala's 3rd album 'Currents'


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in one of the youtube videos entitled "Tame Impala 'Lonerism' Episode 3" kevin plays the cymbal, we can see it on the lower left side.

You can click on the image provided above to see the full version.

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In the picture it is clear that there is a roland kc-150 amplifier near Kevin Parker.

Overview of the product description

The Roland KC-150 Keyboard Amplifier features 4 channels of mono input, mic input and stereo AUX input for connection to a media player. The KC-150 also has a mixing feature and is able to output a very clear 65 Watt sound. The Roland KC-150 also supports an external subwoofer for more boost in low frequencies.

Effects Pedals

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On the pedalboard, in one of the sessions where the camera was photographed, Kevin Parker also used the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver effect pedals



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Rickenbacker 335 1967 Jetglo

Image for : Rickenbacker 335 1967 Jetglo

Hagström Impala

Image for : Hagström Impala

1966 Ludwig Blue Sparkle Super Classic

Drum Sets
Image for : 1966 Ludwig Blue Sparkle Super Classic

Zildjian 14" A New Beat HiHats

Image for : Zildjian 14" A New Beat HiHats

Roland KC-150

Image for : Roland KC-150

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

Effects Pedals
Image for : Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
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