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One of solutions : we can choose is m4a converter software for windows

how to convert m4a to wma lossless files

how to convert from m4a to wma lossless music ( View Video Tutoria on youtube )

  • Overview

How to fastest convert m4a files to wma lossless ?

  • Step 1. Free Download the Advanced MP3 Converter First.
  • Step 2. Click ¡°Add¡± Button or ¡°File¡±->¡±Add Files¡± to add audio you want to convert wma to MP3 Tip, you can also drag and drop audio files directly to the program
  • wma converter
  • Step 3. Select ¡°Convert to MP3¡± option in the drop-down list of formats.
  • Step 4. Click ¡°Convert¡± button to start conversion. In a short time you will get the converted MP3 to convert wma to mp3
  • Useful Tips

  • 1. Click ¡°Play¡± button to playback the added audio file. Advanced m4a Converter is not only just a audio converter, but also a high quality audio player.
  • 2. Click ¡°Property¡± button to get all the information of the audio file.
  • 3. Click ¡°Option¡± button to set output WMA audio parameters and output folder, Misc, DSP, Equalizer, edit m4a tag info etc.
  • What is Flac??

    FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. It is a compressed audio format similar to MP3, but it is lossless music , meaning audio file is compressed in FLAC container without any loss in quality. FLAC files enable incredible music enjoyment yet file size is significantly smaller than uncompressed WAV, AIFF and Apple lossless.

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