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What is WAV :WAV is a Microsoft and IBM audio file format standard for storing an audio bitstream on PCs. It is an application of the Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF) bitstream format method for storing data in "chunks". It is the main format used on Windows systems for raw and typically uncompressed audio.

What is WAV Limitations : The WAV format is limited to files that are less than 4 GB, because of its use of a 32-bit unsigned integer to record the file size header. Unlike formats like FLAC, WAV files don't usually have information fields, for instance, in the case of a song, title, artist, album, year, etc. And WAV is not used as widely as MP3, Some audio player can only support MP3, but not WAV. Want to break the format limitations WAV, and convert it to MP3? Using a WAV to MP3 Converter software to convert files into the MP3 is what you need

how to convert wav to mp3 ( View Video Tutoria on youtube )

  • Overview

How to batch convert wav to MP3 ?

  • Step 1. Download the Advanced MP3 Converter First
  • Step 2. Click ¡°Add¡± Button or ¡°File¡±->¡±Add Files¡± to add audio you want to convert wav to MP3 Tip, you can also drag and drop audio files directly to the program
  • wma converter
  • Step 3. Select ¡°Convert to MP3¡± option in the drop-down list of formats.
  • Step 4. Click ¡°Convert¡± button to start conversion. In a short time you will get the converted MP3 to convert wma to mp3
  • Useful Tips

  • 1. Click ¡°Play¡± button to playback the added audio file. Advanced wav files Converter is not only just a audio converter, but also a high quality audio player.
  • 2. Click ¡°Property¡± button to get all the information of the audio file.
  • 3. Click ¡°Option¡± button to set output WMA audio parameters and output folder, Misc, DSP, Equalizer, edit m4a to mp3 tag info etc.
  • WAV in broadcasters you need to know : ?

    Uncompressed WAV files are sometimes used by some radio broadcasters, especially those that have adopted the tapeless system. BBC Radio in the UK uses 44.1 kHz 16-bit two-channel .wav audio as standard in their VCS system. The ABC "D-Cart" system, which was developed by the Australian broadcaster, uses 48 kHz 16-bit two-channel .wav files, which is identical to that of Digital Audio Tape.

    More knowledge about MP3

    MP3 is a patented digital audio encoding format using a form of loss data compression. It is a common audio format for consumer audio storage, as well as a de facto standard of digital audio compression for the transfer and playback of music on digital audio players.

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