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FAQ-how to rip music cd to mp3

Rip any protected or burned CD to any audio format ,use the a high quality audio ripper software to rip music CD tracks to mp3 on-the-fly. It uses Lame encoder of newest version.

Q :I have a music CD that I can't rip to .mp3. It automatically opens a window for ripping them into a protected .wma file when I pop the CD in but I can't get it to .mp3. I tried ripping into .mp3, .mp4, .aiff, and .wma. I've tried several .wma to .mp3 converters but none of them can do it. Is this a DRM problem? I've tried using FairUse4WM but either I don't know how to use it or it doesn't work. When I go to the .wma file properties that the CD's software ripped for me, the license reads "protected content." Any suggestions?

A :Yes Advanced CD Ripper Pro can do it ,best choice to rip cd to mp3 and other audio files formats,and can edit mp3 tags include artist, genre, album, year, category,more powerful funtion on "option"

How to Guide

How to use Advanced CD Ripper

Get flac from Audio CD

convert Audio CD to mp3 is very simple with Advanced CD Ripper Pro. Please follow the steps listed below.

  1. Insert your Audio CD into CD-ROM.
  2. Select which tracks you want to extract and encode by clicking the button before track title in the main window list.
  3. Set output format is "mp3" from combobox.
  4. Click the first button in the toolbar, or select menu item [Action]->[Extract] or right-click menu item [Extract], this operation will start up the audio data extraction.
  5. Open the output dialog by clicking menu item [Edit]->[ Open Output Folder], which is set to the \output by default, you will find the WAVs created by Advanced CD Ripper Pro.

advanced rip cd to wav converter pro

Key Feature

Why Choose Advanced CD Ripper Pro

Best CD Ripper for convert music cd to ape tool in the worldwide

  • High Quality and High Speed Support cd to MP3, WMA, OGG, APE On-the-fly,
  • no temporary wav files involved. Also support cud file output.
  • Best Audio Codecs Support Advanced CD Ripper pro uses most modern
  • fast audio codes, it internally supports WMA 9(VBR) format
  • MP3-encoding it uses fast LAME encoder 3.9.31, OGG encoding it uses last Vorbis SDK.
  • ID3 Tag v1 & v2 Support Program supports ID3 Tag v2,
  • easily convert tracks of CDs to variety of compressed audio with useful tag fields
  • CDDB & Local CDDB
  • You can get about Audio CD disc such as Album's and Artist's name, track's names
  • from Internet database, and submit CD disc information to Internet Database.
  • Winamp play lists support Application allows you to create Winamp play lists.
  • Nice Skin Support You can use this feature to Change Interface.
  • Windows XP compatibility
  • If you use new Windows XP system all controls in application have XP-style look feel.
  • Full Audio Playback control function Support
  • Advanced CD Ripper Pro can work as a freedb-aware CD player.
  • Multiply CD-ROM drives & DVD-ROM drives Support
  • Advanced CD Ripper Pro can work in multiply CD-ROM drives or DVD-ROM drives.
  • Easy-to-use User-friendly Interface
  • Fast conversion speed, 5X realtime faster , High quality sound output
  • Real time encoding data , no temporary file created
  • Edit ape mp3, wav, wma & ogg voice , Sound tags editor supported
  • All filters support: BandPass, FFT HighPass, HighShelf, LowPass, LowShelf, Notch
  • Cut, Copy, DeleteSelect, DeleteSilence,
  • Paste easily Sound data active recording mode technology
  • Visual audio files editor


Input audio format :
Protected CD, Common audio CD
Output Format Supported :
OS Supported :
Microsoft Windows 7 / Vista/ 2000 / XP /Sever 2003/2008.

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