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All Sound Recorder XP

All Sound Recorder XP is all-around sound recording software. All Sound Recorder XP records any sound and turns it into a new audio file. All Sound Recorder XP creates output in MP3, WMA, WAV, and OGG file formats. All Sound Recorder XP can also capture online music streams (ram, rm) and save them in a high-quality format. This is excellent for creating copies of songs and recordings plated through Internet radios. All Sound Recorder XP also enables you to edit music with different tools; including the New Track Split Mode feature with adjustable silence strength and scheduled recording mode. The New track split mode is convenient for continuous recording, which can later be cut into smaller tracts. This enables the user to leave the program as it records, and edit the resulting recording later on. The scheduled recording mode conveniently schedules your recording tasks by creating a start and stop time for recording. All Sound Recorder XP can automatically detect the recording formats supported by the user’s sound card, and chooses parameters that will provide the best possible performance

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